Friday, August 22, 2008

A Mexican-Themed Guinea Pig Dinner

Welcome to our Guinea Pig Dinners blog!

For each dinner, we'll list each dish, the recipe (or link to the recipe), and the outcome: what was the verdict-- hit or miss? Would we make it again? If so, what might we do differently?

Steph and the Chef (aka Neil) hosted a Mexican themed fiesta with lots of yummy new recipes to try. On the menu:

  • Raspberry margaritas
  • Spinach and corn quesadillas
  • Mango and cucumber salsa
  • Mexican pizzas

Raspberry Margaritas

You have to have margaritas at a Mexican dinner, right? Gary and I (Liza) made these, following this recipe from Adult beverages are always a hit, and for the most part these were pretty tasty. If I were to make them again, I'd add some more sugar (they were a little sour) and strain it. The raspberries made these drinks very seedy.

Spinach and Corn Quesadillas

These were very tasty! The Chef made these. Definitely a keeper. I might add a little more cheese next time, so they stick together a little better.

Cucumber-Mango Salsa

I made this salsa from allrecipes (are you detecting a theme here? Allrecipes is my go-to recipe site). I added a green pepper and used red onion (the recipe doesn't specify). I also only used one jalepeno pepper and found it plenty spicy. This dish was well received... it was good with tortilla chips, and would also be nice with fish or scallops. We used regular old tortilla chips, but I think this salsa would be great with those Tostido multigrain chips, which I am totally in love with.

Grilled Mexican Potato and Chorizo Pizza on Tortillas

The whole idea of "Mexican"and "pizza" was weird to me. Salsa? Tortillas? That's a whole different food family than pizza! I must say, I am a convert. These little pizzas were SO good. An Emeril recipe comes through again... BAM!

These were great as a main dish, but they would also work well as a party snack or appetizer. They would be fantastic for Superbowl Sunday! They made one of the pizzas vegetarian by omitting the chorizo. Steph and the Chef describe how they made them here:

All in all, the Mexican dinner was a big success! We hope you got some good recipe ideas. We'll be back here after the next dinner-- same guinea pig time, same guinea pig channel.

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